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Cheap Beats By Dre

Cheap Beats by Dr Dre,Browse headphones, earbuds, and other audio devices made with Beats by Dre audio technology and start listening to music the way the artist intended.


Cheap Beats By Dre is a and the owner and operator of the Cheap Beats.

When you hear the rumors that Apple will be $ 3.2 billion acquisition of headset manufacturers Beats, most people think of the easiest , could be that bright red headphones "b" word Logo.

For helpless and tangled history of resentment between the company 's fortune , and it and the magic sound (Monster) company , may not be well known.

Beats Founded in 2008 , the founder of the electronics industry is not behind the entrepreneurs, but two pop music mogul fields : one is Universal Music 's Interscope Records boss Jimmy Iovine (Jimmy Iovine), had planned launched Bruce Springsteen, 50 Cent, U2 and many other famous singers work ; another one is rapper Dr.Dre, has cultivated a dig rap king Eminem (Eminem).

How the two musicians can think and create a headphone company ? Boost power behind this is actually the magic sound , founded in 1979, stereo wire manufacturing company . But then the magic sound of its products , whether cable, surge protector or cleaning agents are limited to serving the professional market segments , if you want to expand the market space, you must enter the mass products . Company founder Lee Mi St. (Noel Lee) decided to make the headset.

When looking for a partner , Lee Mi holy first thought is to convince those studio singers . Thus , the magic sound and record producer Iovine established contact . First negotiations due to financial disagreements are not settled, but the magic sound of the record company shows great promise headphone market.

Iovine and Dr.Dre are aware that the market is good quality headphones , but the design is too old-fashioned. In Iovine seems that those headphones do like a medical auscultation device. After negotiations failed and the magic sound , the two musicians decided to do it by yourself , and SLS Audio headset company launched a prototype , but also laid the foundation Beats headphones Appearance : huge ears hat, thick pipelined headdress , looks cool comparable to F1 racing .

Beats headphones fortune history : the human mind and the magic of music sound errors. Beats two founders Dr.Dre ( left ) and Jimmy Iovine (Jimmy Iovine)

However, with the production and SLS Beats headphones also there are various gaps , so the two musicians has rediscovered the magic sound of the company , and announced a formal collaboration in 2008 : During 2009-2012 , Beats headphones by Monster exclusive manufacturing .

For newcomers to the headphone market , you want to make the public aware of the Beats brand , you must have a strong marketing route. At this time , two musicians began full resources and capabilities : Beats appeared in numerous songs in the MV . Technology news site Gizmodo describe Iovine will penetrate into the Beats brand watch music videos almost every American mind.

Trendy headphones quickly won market . By the end of 2012, Beats received a 64 percent share of the "high end" headphone market ( $ 100 and higher price ) .

But in this year , Beats abandoned the magic sound , choose to manufacture their own headphones . Monster Beats deny there in the audio industry or any aspect of the design headphones contribution, but this is clearly inconsistent with real speech . Can the public do not care about them , they care about is , Beats headphones can for their image points.

After the end of the contract , Beats audio technology to control all of the standards , patents , registered trademarks, designs headphones , and most importantly, Beats brand.

Monster Beats played for money to help out behind the company actually is HTC. August 2011 , HTC to $ 309 million gained 50.1% Beats shares. Later, due to HTC constantly facing funding needs , Beats also repurchased shares owned by HTC . But cooperation between HTC and Beats have been maintained , including mobile phones and comes with built-in Beats audio Beats headphones.

Monster had started to develop its own brand of headphones since the end of 2012 , also introduced a Diamond Tears, Inspiration and other model series . Of course , they did not regain the status of the Beats .

Beats headphones return to production itself, it really worth the price of 300 dollars? U.S. Consumer Reports review for reference, "If you do not care what shape the headset, we recommend that you consider other brands because of the same quality headphones , a lot cheaper than the Beats ." But the reality is that by the number of pop singers and sports celebrity endorsements Beats give the brand more premium. Beats headphones by users may not be very harsh on the sound quality , but they are certainly very valued their image .

The face of digital music and streaming music wave , Beats headphones footsteps also not limited to the market , it acquired MOG online music products in 2012 . And in January 2014 officially launched the online music subscription service with Beats brand : music recommendations to users , $ 9.99 monthly fee based algorithm.

Today, the news will be Apple's acquisition of Beats , for those holding iPhone, wearing Beats headphones Fashionable , they should feel that this seems to be logical.

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